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Model Needed


No shooting outings planned at present time

I do not have any current activities planned, although that could change. My interests are varied, and location shoots are always on my mind. If you have any ideas for shooting scenarios you might like to try, please contact me to discuss them.


Some History

I have, in the past, always been involved with Still Life and other stock photo productions. Our focus is changing, however.

We will work with models on either a paid assignment basis or a TFI basis, as worked out in the details preceeding any shoot. If the model has any "favorite" costumes or outfits she or they would be welcome to bring them to the shoot.

As a photographic producer and marketer, we at TFImages shall do our best to capture and present the best images of both our models, and of ourselves. Any feedback, suggestions, or requests will be dealt with as soon as humanly possible. Email us here with any correspondence.

-Mj, photographer, webmaster, owner
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