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Beauty In Images
- The Art of Reality

Photography is beauty in many forms... from flowers to landscapes, from wildlife to still life. It shows the captured moment and the flow of time, the rush to find and the moment of discovery. Photography has the ability to portray the profound effects of sorrow and the beautiful joys of life and people.

After a too-long hiatus, I am re-entering the quest for these images. In the past my interests were more on the photojournalistic coverage of events, on flowers, on things of this world. My new focus is now People. Specifically, the ladies around us. I want to develop my abilities and my portfolio with respect to models and portraits and form and shadow.

That is not to say I am not interested in still life and product assignments. If you need a particular kind of shot or idea expressed, I will be glad to work with you to develop the material you need.

If you are a model and would be interested in working with us, we would enjoy meeting you and talking about terms, ideas, etc. E-mail us, or if you are in East Texas somewhere local to Tyler, we could meet for lunch or coffee. My wife and business partner will be present at all initial meetings.

not digital either As a photographic producer and marketer, we at TFImages shall do our best to capture and present the best images of both our models, and of ourselves. Any feedback, suggestions, or requests will be dealt with as soon as humanly possible. Email us here with any correspondence.

-Mj, photographer, webmaster, owner
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